Redback Drilling Tools



Undress a Redback


Undress a Redback

First, read all the Inspection Steps described in the Inspection Section of this manual. Be sure the tool needs redressing before starting the following procedure. Tools Required For Undressing:

  • Socket wrench with square drive
  • Large Screw Driver
  • In-hex Socket for wedge bolt (with new kit)
  • Lifting Strap (with new kit)

Prior to disassembly, remove all dirt, mud, cement from the reamer. High pressure wash may be used on stubbon drilling mud.

Body may be dressed in vertical or horizontal position.

If the body is to be undressed in the horizontal position, ensure that the body is retained from moving around during disassembly. We recommend a stand on each end of the body to raise it off the ground up to a workable level.

Undress a Redback

  1. Clean out holes above the center bolt of each wedge. Compressed air may be used to free small amounts of drilling mud from areas that did not get cleaned by the pressure wash.

    Check the wedge, block and body for metal pressed over into bolt holes. If found remove pressed over metal before going to the next step.

  2. Find the In-hex socket that comes with a new redress kit. Size will depend on the redress kit being used.

    Place it in the center wedge hole. Push the In-hex socket down until you are sure it is at bottom.

    With the square drive bar attached turn anti-clockwise until you can remove the wedge from the cartridge. With the square drive bar attached turn anti-clockwise until you can remove the wedge from the cartridge.

  3. Repeat for a second wedge in the same certridge.

  4. With both wedges removed, use a large screw driver to move the cartridge into the middle of the pocket. 

  5. Slide one end of the plastic strap (complete with new kit) under the cutter section of the cartridge. Pull strap until equal length on both sides. Lift out of pocket with strap. Use bar through holes in strap on larger sizes.

  6. Repeat for the second and third cartridges. 

  7. At this stage check the condition of the threaded inserts, two in each pocket. See Inspection chapter at the front of this manual for details.

  8. If reamer is to be left undressed, grease the pocket fully before storage.