Redback Drilling Tools to exhibit at APPEA in 2023



Redback Drilling Tools is excited to be exhibiting alongside our parent company SGS at the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) conference and exhibition, from the 15th to the 18th of May in Adelaide, South Australia. 

APPEA is the leading event in Australia for the Oil, Gas and Energy industry and facilitates opportunity for continued discussions around the transition to net zero emissions and the need for further exploration and development of our oil and gas resources. We are delighted to have the opportunity to participate in this event to explore how we can optimise new and existing clients’ operations to the highest levels of efficiency.  

Come visit us at Booth 222 to discuss how we can help you.

Redback Drilling Tools to Exhibit at OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition 2023


Our team of experts will be on site at booth 1426 from the 23rd to the 25th of May to discuss our services and how we can improve your drilling operations.  

With global reach we have the ability to service a wide array of operations worldwide. Our range of products are ideal and easy to use for a large range of operations and conditions across the energy and upstream sectors. Our easy-to-use redress kits mean that you can interchange the drill bit at ease to adapt and optimise to the changing and challenging conditions throughout your operation.  

The team attending the OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition will be able to walk you through how the Redback Roller Reamer can be tailored to your specific project  and show you why the Redback Roller Reamer is trusted by the world’s largest oil companies in the world. 

Be sure to visit the booth and learn about the latest in drilling technology.  

Learn more about the OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition 2023 

Redback Drilling Tools Launches New Website

We are excited to launch our new look website, which will provide clients with succinct information and easily accessible resources.  

As part of the SGS Group, we are devoted to supplying the highest performance drilling tools for the global energy industry. Redback Drilling tools has manufactured the patented wedge lock system for roller reamers to revolutionise how projects are drilled through enabling reduced trip times and optimised cutting action.

Business Manager Clint Russell said, “the launch of our new website is optimising the way we’re able to meet our clients’ needs and closely aligns with Redback Drilling Tools commitment to ensuring the highest level of quality in our service and products.”

Our commitment to the highest quality services and products in all elements of our operations is paramount. Our proven performance has won Redback Drilling Tools significant market share in key drilling operations worldwide and earned us preferred supplier status with many of the world’s leading oil companies and major drilling service companies.

This new website will contain the most up to date information on Redback Drilling Tools’s products and events as well as brand new case studies and research into best practice in drilling operations.

Visit the tabs above to explore the new look website.

Redback optimising best practice in Egyptian drilling project

Redback optimising best practice in Egyptian drilling project

Through supplying both rented Redback Roller Reamers and experts in drilling operations to this project, it was found by comparing drilling holes, with and without the aid of our roller reamers, that significant amounts of money were being saved by the use of our drilling tools. 

Originally the company conventionally drilled the 12 ¼” hole Section with three Stabilizers in the assembly which resulted in high torque and caused string stuck, Top Drive damage and bending of the drill pipe and lost time equivalent to $ 60,000.

After consulting Redback Engineering Staff, decision was taken to replace the three fixed blade Stabilizers with Three Redback Roller Reamers. Using Redback Roller Reamers resulted significant decrease in the drilling torque & drag, the 12 ¼” hole section was drilled with the highest Rate of Penetration (ROP) compared to the offset wells and more than $ 65,000 as a direct saving in the 12.1/4” section. Moreover, the indirect saving in Casing & Logging running times.

Upon comparing the original hole to the sidetrack hole, Redback directly saved more than $ 530,000 by drilling the original hole with low torque, drag and faster ROP and saved 265 drilling Hrs.

The Redback Roller Reamer is ideally suited to improve Bit & BHA performance.  It’s ability to reduce torque, drag and vibration contributes to lengthening the drilling time and increasing reliability of the more expensive drilling components.

Many runs, over a period of 500 hours, 9,000 ft of rough drilling were drilled with the Redback in tow.  The effect on the consumable component of the tool, the cutter, was severe yet the tool held together and the drilling assembly withdrawn intact. 

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Reducing vibration with three Redback Roller Reamers in Holland drilling operations.

Reducing vibration with three Redback Roller Reamers in Holland drilling operations.

Using the MWD Tool, the levels of stick-slip and shocks were measured with and without the aid of the Redback Roller Reamer to compare and contrast the vibration logs between the two runs.  

Drilling through the Hardegsen, Detfurth and Volpriehausen formations, the results were found to be much more favourable in the run where it was aided by the Redback Roller Reamer.  

The vibration levels recorded during the section were the lowest experienced in the four well drilling campaign. 

The low levels of vibration show the significant improvement in the drilling dynamics by replacing the fixed blade stabilizers in the assembly with the Roller Reamers 

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Redback Roller Reamers shown to reduce stick slip in Brazil drilling operations.

Redback Roller Reamers shown to reduce stick slip in Brazil drilling operations.


The operations were measured with and without use of the Redback Roller Reamer using Baker Hughes’ vibration logging tool across multiple wells in the offshore facility.  

These measurements found that when the wells were compared the levels of stick/slip, torsional vibration and backward rotation in the wells without the roller reamer were significantly higher than the ones with it in application.  

As can be seen in the chart above, well SA-F was drilled without the aid of a Redback Roller Reamer and the other five wells were drilled with it. The percentage of circulation was below 15,000 for all the wells drilled with the Roller Reamer in all four measurements (backwards rotation, stick slip Level 6, stick slip level 5 and torsional oscillation). Alternately, the well without this in operation measured the backwards rotation and stick slip level 6 in excess of 25,000.  

The contrasting of these measurements shows that the use of a Redback Roller Reamer greatly decreases these factors when drilling in conditions with high levels of stick/slip and torsional vibration.  

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