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Redback Dressing Procedure

The information below is found in the Redback Maintenance Manual that comes with every Redback Roller Reamer. This section is an excerpt of the manual and it is advised that anyone handling any maintenance work on Redback Roller Reamers go through the included manual in full before committing to dressing or redressing.

Tools Required For Dressing The Reamer

1. Torque Wrench (see chart for setting)
2. In-hex Socket for wedge bolt (with new kit)
3. Drill Collar compound (with soft flat brush)
4. Gauge ring

Clean out pocket area of the reamer, ensuring that all surfaces are free from foreign material, this includes down inside the taped holes.

Check the edge of all pockets for steel that has been rolled, bruised, or hit over into the pocket surfaces. If this is the case, then remove metal until flush before dressing.

Dress a redback:
  1. Obtain a new set of cutters and remove from box,(check on the side of the box to see if you have the correct size of cutters).
  2. From all parts, place on clean surface.
  3. Check body for metal pressed over into pocket area, if found remove metal until flush.
  4. Coat inside surfaces of pocket with a clean drill collar compound, use flat soft brush for application, (see foot note).
  5. Lower cutter cartridge into pocket, push down to bottom of pocket.Move cartridge to side of pocket until it reaches face opposite drilled holes in bottom of pocket.
  6. Obtain one wedge and bolt assembly, also the In-hex socket drive(complete with kit).Enter the drive into top of wedge, then into the bolt head, hold drive and coat both faces of the wedge with a drill collar compound. (see foot note)
  7. Lower the wedge, bolt and In-hex socket into the area adjacent to one of the blocks. Screw down to bottom of pocket by HAND ONLY.
  8. Repeat for the second wedge in the same cartridge
  9. With both wedges in place and from the TORQUE SETTING CHART 2090 below, obtain the correct foot/pounds for the size of cartridge being used. Set the wrench to the correct setting and pull down both bolts until the torque wrench trips out.
  10. Repeat steps 3 to 9 for the second and third pockets
  11. Use Gauge Ring to check size of Reamer before running in hole.

*Foot Note: For use in lubrication of Redback Roller Reamer pockets. Gearhart states that it is important to use a thread compound that meets or exceeds the performance objectives as set out in API RP 7A1 “Thread compounds for rotary shouldered connections”.

Torque Setting Chart

5-7/8”— 6-3/4”55 Ft/lbs
7-3/8”— 8-1/4”80 Ft/lbs
8-3/8”— 9-1/2”100 Ft/lbs
9-7/8”— 11-1/2”200 Ft/lbs
11-3/4”— 14-3/4”280 Ft/lbs
16”— 26”280 Ft/lbs

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