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Product Overview

Among the tools offered by Redback Drilling Tools is the Redback roller reamer. These roller reamers feature the patented wedge lock cutter retention system. This system has provided the performance reliability and dependability platform on which clients have been able to gain the advantage of roller reamer application.

The cutters feature a pressure equalised lubricated bearing system. The seals within the cutters prevent the ingress of mud and cuttings into the bearing while retaining lubricant within the bearing faces and thereby giving additional attainable revolutions of the cutters. The pressure equalisation system will ensure the sealed system works effectively in high pressure down hole environments.

Redback roller reamers will provide a low torque point of stabilization where the roller cutters ‘roll’ around the hole wall. This reduces the torque and stick slip and the resultant vibration. The vibration reduction can add significant hours to the ‘mean time between failures’ (MTBF) of other BHA components. Additionally, when compared with a fixed blade stabilizer, the roller reamer will cause less hole wall damage.

The stepped profile of the roller cutters provide the reaming action that will open the hole to the diameter to which the roller reamer has been dressed and will remove ledges and mini doglegs from the borehole wall profile. This smoother hole wall profile will aid the drilling, logging, coring and casing running processes.

  • The improved transfer of weight to the bit will assist drilling. This factor together with the reduction of torque and stick slip will increase considerably the constant energy available at the bit, the WR factor. This constant energy with removal of peaks will add life to tri cone bit bearing life and reduce PDC cutter/tci tooth breakage. Stick slip release can result in high string RPM. Reduction of these spikes will reduce the incidence of drill bit reverse rotation and the consequent cutter face damage.
  • The reamed hole with the removal of tight sections and ledges will significantly reduce the trip times both out of and into the hole. The patented bi-directional and back reaming cutters are designed to facilitate the reaming back through tight spots when tripping out of the hole. This can be done only where rigs are equipped with top drive equipment. Improved borehole profile reduces the frequency of stuck pipe incidents and thereby fishing operations.
  • Removal of ledges helps get wire line logging tools down hole and significantly reduces the chance of getting stuck in the hole. With LWD tools, vibration reduction by way of stick slip will lead to noise reduction and improved MTBF.
  • With the removal of ledges, the casing / liner will be easier to get to bottom, thereby reducing the running time and the problems of stuck casing / liner.
  • Torque can be detrimental to the collection of good quality cores. The reduction of stick slip, allowing more constant rotation of the barrel together with the reduced vibration will contribute to the coring performance. Redback roller reamers offer the reliability and performance to achieve all of the above benefits. This gives the user great cost and risk reduction and thereby huge value to the well construction process.


  • Redback roller reamers have proven over many years to provide the highest levels of reliability and performance to aid the drilling operation and reduce hole issues. One of the main areas where the most benefit can be gained is when the Redback directly replaces fixed blade stabilisers
    Redback Roller Reamers act like a bearing between the BHA and borehole leading to significant reduction of drilling torque and down hole vibrations.
  • Running the roller reamer will eliminate hanging up, weight transfer and torque/vibration issues that can be caused with running stabilizers
    The patented retention system employed in the Redback roller reamer provides superb reliability when compared to other roller reamer designs
    Multiple reaming options to address various applications
  • No limit to the application of the roller reamer in varying well profiles i.e. Vertical, directional and/or horizontal sections
  • Yes, historically the use of the roller reamers was to just run it in a clean out or wiper trip assembly after the section had been drilled.
  • To gain the most benefit out of running a roller reamer, this should be run as part of the drilling assembly which will aid the drilling performance while ensuring the hole is kept in good condition and provide an easier trip out of hole.
  • Drilling assemblies including a roller reamer significantly reduces the likelihood of requiring a further clean out/wiper trip. Reaming the hole while drilling will make it easier to run the casing first time and without having the cost of an additional run
  • The placement options are not limited when looking to run the roller reamer. It can either be replacing a specific stabilised point in the assembly or even running a complete assembly with only roller reamers instead of stabilisers.
    We have a very experienced team who can assist and provide you with the required information on where best to position the roller reamers to optimise the performance.
  • Placement can be higher up in the assembly with standard steel body tools and further flexibility is provided through the option of running Non-Mag roller reamer bodies that can be placed lower down into the assembly
  • Specialised designs that allow for real-time communication through the bodies are available. These are specific to the Directional Drilling companies
  • Yes, the Redback roller reamers have regularly been run with down hole tools that target the reduction of stick-slip vibration. The added benefit of the roller reamer is that it provides 3 Points of stabilization, reduces torque and subsequent vibration while also being able to condition the hole and ream any ledges, transition areas and possible under gauge hole
  • No there is no upper limit on the RPM that can be run but the higher the RPM being run the quicker you will accumulate the revolutions on the bearings.
  • The life of the Redback Roller Reamer should be discussed before the application to optimise the performance and time in hole
  • This is a question that still gets asked on a regular basis as the roller reamer has moving parts and historically the perception is that roller reamers will lose cutters down hole.
  • The design criteria on the Redback roller reamer was to provide a retention system that securely hold the cutter cartridge in place even when run in harsh environments and for extended periods of time without fear of a failure occurring.
  • The wedge lock retention system has been proven in applications around the world to provide the highest level of durability/Reliability.
  • This has gained the Redback roller reamer the reputation as the market leading roller reamer brand and preferred option for many Operators and DD companies.
  • The Redback can be run up to 200°C (392°F)
    Options are available for GeoThermal and HP/HT applications

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