All measurements are in milimeters
Total Cutter Revolutions
Pocket size
Cutter diameter
Cutter Circumference
Hole Circumference:

The carbide embedded cutters on a Redback™ Roller Reamer are made to withstand the high wear conditions of downhole operations. These cutters rotate at a relative speed to the speed of the drill string and often achieve many times more rotations than the drill string does.

In this section, we have a simple revolution calculator that calculates the total number of revolutions a cutter goes through based on the ratio of the circumference of the hole and cutter.

Also, some hole sizes could use different cutters to ream such as the 12-1/4″ hole size that can use either the 445 cutters or the 514 cutters to ream the same sized hole. The drop down in the menu for this case will be 12-1/4″ – 514 for a 514 cutter and similarly 12-1/4″ – 445 for a 445 Cutter.