Every Redback™ Roller Reamer comes equipped with our patented wedge locking cartridges, designed for easy redress. 

Redress Kits

We tailor our designs to client requirements while remaining compliant to industry standards. Our reamers are used for hole sizes between 5-7/8” to 34” but we can make special sizes depending on the requirements. What really sets us apart from the pack is our high quality reliable parts and our patented wedge lock cutter cartridges designed to be easily field redressable. There are four different types of cartridge combinations to choose from which are the Hard Formation, Bi-Directional, Back Reamer, and Ream-Stabiliser cartridges.

Each cartridge is purpose made to perform differently in operation and are available to fit into bodies for hole sizes between 5-7/8” and 34”. Under and Over size cutters are available and allow different combinations of body and cartridge sizes to service different hole conditions. For more information and to see which cutter is best fit for your purpose, please refer to the FAQ section below.

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The Redback™ Field Operations Manual can be found with every Redback™ Roller Reamer and contains vital information to the operational maintenance of Redback™ components. Information such as assembly and installation instructions are included together with a basic troubleshooting guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I run the roller reamer in the drilling assembly?

Yes, historically the use of the roller reamers was to just run it in a clean out or wiper trip assembly after the section had been drilled. To gain the most benefit out of running a roller reamer, this should be run as part of the drilling assembly which will aid the drilling performance while ensuring the hole is kept in good condition and provide an easier trip out of the hole. Drilling assemblies including a roller reamer significantly reduces the likelihood of requiring a further clean out/wiper trip. Reaming the hole while drilling will make it easier to run the casing first time and without having the cost of an additional run

2. Where can I place the Roller Reamer?

The placement options are not limited when looking to run the roller reamer. It can either be replacing a specific stabilised point in the assembly or even running a complete assembly with only Roller Reamers instead of stabilisers. We have a very experienced team who can assist and provide you with the required information on where best to position the Roller Reamers to optimise the performance. Placement can be higher up in the assembly with standard steel body tools and further flexibility is provided through the option of running Non-Mag roller reamer bodies that can be placed lower down into the assembly Specialised designs that allow for real-time communication through the bodies are available. These are specific to the Directional Drilling companies

3. Can it be run with other vibration reducing tools?

Yes, the Redback™ roller reamers have regularly been run with down hole tools that target the reduction of stick-slip vibration. The added benefit of the roller reamer is that it provides 3 Points of stabilisation, reduces torque and subsequent vibration while also being able to condition the hole and ream any ledges, transition areas and possible under gauge hole