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Redback Drilling Tools is an Australian based company with an extensive global marketing and service locations around the world.

Redback Drilling Tools are part of the SGS group of companies by way of Gearhart United. We are named after a well-known Australian indigenous spider, hence our logo.

The Redback Roller Reamer was developed by Gearhart United in late 80’s to deliver a superior Roller Reamer to the market in place of the traditional tools that had a history of failure in tough operating conditions. This revolutionary design was so successful that the Redback Roller Reamer quickly became favoured on every BHA in Australia. Due to customer demand Gearhart launched the Redback globally and at this stage established the Redback Drilling Tools business that operates today. The Redback maintains its status as the global leader in the market and is synonymous with unprecedented reliability.

Redback is intensely focused on developing specialized reaming and torque reducing tools as we look to push the envelope on drilling performance. Our torque reduction capabilities, and resultant vibration reduction capabilities means our products are worthy of their position in bottom hole assemblies where they enhance the performance of, and add life to, bits and other critical BHA components, and that translated to serious cost reduction.

This proven performance has won the Redback tools significant market share in many of the key drilling operations worldwide and earned the preferred supplier status with many of the world’s leading oil companies and major drilling service companies. Our global presence enables us to provide our Redback tools across multiple countries, service centres and agents.

The products demonstrated within this site have brought high value to many drilling operations around the world and will continue to drive performance behind the wells that set the pace into the future.