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Redback Maintenance Videos

This section contains information about the dressing and redressing of the Redback Roller Reamer. Be it fresh out of the box or fresh out of the hole, there are steps to follow to ensure that the cartridge is inspected and put together correctly.

Redback Roller Reamers are equipped with easy and quick to replace cutter cartridges that fit into the pocket of the reamer body. This patented feature makes dressing the Redback Roller Reamer a cost and time efficient process that can be done even in the field. These steps can be found in videos below, in the website maintenance sections for dressing and undressing, or in our Maintenance Guide.

Dress A Redback
Undress A Redback

If you would like to know more about how to dress and undress a Redback, please follow the links below to our corresponding sections.

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